How to Tell if You Are a Network Marketing Evangelist

Today I wrap up the series on the THREE main Character Types in Network Marketing.

I have covered the “Director” and the “Crusader” in the previous two blog videos and I have shared stories about each of those types.

By now you are either recognizing yourself very clearly in these different characters or you are recognizing the skills of people that you knew you wanted to emulate but perhaps didn’t consciously know why.

Usually you relate most closely to those of your own most prominent personality or character type.

The Evangelist is the THIRD type of personality that I am familiar with.  I am definitely most prominently the “Evangelist” type.

In today’s video I share my own personal story and how I used the “evangelist” tactics to become a top earner in my very first Network Marketing venture without consciously realizing that this was a “known” personality type.

Remember, you are in your business to make money.  Understanding this underlying detail will help you get to that place where money is made.

Have you made a decision?  What character type are you?  Leave a comment, I’m anxious to hear.

If this video did help you, please comment and share.  I would love to hear from you!

Always remember you ARE your stories!


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