Success Hint #5

Paint a Picture with Your Network Marketing Stories

Success Hint #5 is particularly important.  You’ve heard many times throughout your life …”A picture is worth a thousand words.” The funny thing is that this is what stories really are…mental pictures.  Stories don’t tell: they show. Show – Don’t tell is one of the most fundamental features of storytelling, and for good reason.  The people that you are talking to must be able to see a picture in their minds in order to become more involved with the story.  AND to be able to remember it!  Remembering your story is one of the most important aspects of storytelling in Network Marketing.

Anytime you can help a rep, a potential rep or a customer actually “see” what you are talking about, you will have ten times more chance of them understanding and having an “aha” moment.  Drawing it out for them and using actual people’s names (Refer back to Success Hint #1 and my BLOG of December 30th) can really help simplify a message that you are trying to get across to someone.

In today’s video I share yet another story that I have told again and again.  I’ve used this story in many ways.  If you have ever tried to get someone to see how fast their business can grow, you know their eyes can tend to glaze over when you start throwing out numbers.  Interject a true example and your success rate will skyrocket.

Check out my “Success Hint #5” story in today’s video!

As always I hope you find value in what I am sharing and that it helps you in your Network Marketing business.
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