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If you had to think back on your life…what are the highlights.  Now I’m not talking when you had your children or when you met the love of your life.  I am talking about an individual highlight for you. Something that you did, or accomplished that to this day you feel great about.  You feel confidence in yourself every time you think about it.  It may be a moment that made you who you are today.  What are those highlights for you?

I encourage you to get a handle on those highlights.  Bring them back to your own current situation and ask yourself, what can I do to feel the way I felt when “such and such” occurred.

Share these highlights with others.  Believe me, we all have them.  And also trust me when I say that everyone really likes to share those highlights about themselves.

If you can bring the highlight of someone else’s life to the forefront of their mind and get them to share it with you, then you will have  a friend forever.

In this video I share a real highlight of my life.  Share yours.


2013-11-25 video

Sharing Your Highlights


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