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Reaching down deep and getting in touch with a pivotal moment in your life…a moment that changed your perspective and inspired you, can be an eye-opening experience for sure.  But sharing these stories with others is also a perfect way to engage with someone that you are connecting with in your business.

What was the single moment that opened the door for you?  When did it all change?  What was that instant that shifted your perspective and revealed the world to you in a whole new way?  If you think about it I am sure you can all come up with a single moment that was profound for you; a moment where life flipped a switch in the very instant.

I hear stories of how a father took a son aside or a mother gave advice.  I didn’t have that. But people can relate to these stories.

In this video I share my story.  I remember it like it was yesterday and I share it all the time.  I’ve come to develop a lot of close friendships through sharing this story. Because people come back, with their own stories, and the beautiful dance of conversation begins.

…And the knowing occurs!  See what you think.

2013-11-19 video

Share Your Awakenings

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