How to Profit from a Prophet –

A Growth Lesson for All Network Marketers

I learned a really valuable lesson years ago when I was moving up the ranks within my first network marketing company.

I was asked to speak for the first time in front of 800 people in Denver.  It was so invigorating to me and to my sense of accomplishment and confidence in this new industry that I was embarking upon.  I still held my IBM Executive position at this time so I was certainly used to being in front of people.  However, I wasn’t aware of the dynamic of who is perceived as a leader and why they were perceived as a leader. It was nothing like the corporate world I soon discovered.

It certainly never dawned on me that it could be regional or even by downline organization.  What a lesson I learned!

In today’s video I talk about this dynamic and I really think that you can learn from it.

If you are moving up within your company or you would like to, there is value for you here.  Perhaps you have discovered this already.  If you haven’t, it will profit you to understand the dynamics of leadership in this environment and how your team determines who is the “guru” that they choose to listen to.


As always I hope you find value in what I am sharing and that it helps you in your Network Marketing business.

If this video did help you, please comment and share.  I would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for spending your time here with me today!

Always Remember YOU are Powerful!

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