A Great Network Marketing Story Resolves a Conflict Within  

Today’s subject is conflict and resolution.  What does that have to do with telling a Network Marketing Story?  Here’s some food for thought.  Stories are made up of people, places and happenings.  Whenever you are engaging in conversation with someone think about the main character of the story…WHICH OFTEN TIMES IS YOU.  And remember that people are touched when there is some sort of conflict and resolution within the story.

This is where YOUR personal story comes into the picture.  We have talked about formulating your personal story and WHY you are in this business.  The longer you are in Network Marketing the more success you will have if you continue to seek out personal growth.  Talking about the personal growth that you have had or are currently experiencing makes people want to listen if you tell the story in such a way that is genuine to your feelings.  You were lost and now you are found…kind of thing.

In today’s video I give you my personal example of this.  Hopefully this will help you relate it to YOUR story as you are developing it.


2013-12-02 video

A Great Network Marketing Story Resolves a Conflict Within  

My goal is to help you become the absolute BEST storyteller EVER. All Top Earners in Network Marketing are GREAT storytellers!   Observe for yourself!

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Always Remember YOU are Powerful!



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