Are you having trouble enrolling people in your Network Marketing business, MLM?  Perhaps it’s because you need some coaching in the skill of persuasion.

Keep in mind that persuasion is about so much more than just getting someone to do what you want them to do.  True “authentic persuasion” is about being able to share your point of view and your ideas with others in a way that makes them feel excited about them as well.

I have seen so many people make the mistake of trying to “enroll” people or “sign them up”…rather than excitedly sharing how much they love their business and just conveying that enthusiasm.  If you are excited about what you do and you are comfortable talking about it, then the awkwardness is virtually eliminated.  This is when you can truly relax and just share every aspect of your business.  People can feel the difference!

In this video I give you three signs that indicate you may have some growing to do in the art of authentic persuasion.  I hope this helps you. If it does, please share it and as always, I would love to hear your feedback!

Always Remember YOU are Powerful!



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