You have heard it a thousand times…Mindset is so important to your MLM Success!

This post addresses the importance of your subconscious mind in determining your success.

On a day to day basis we can go along thinking that we are doing everything right when it comes to our Network Marketing, for example we are calling people, we are using the products, we are sharing our excitement and maybe we are even marketing like crazy!

So what could be the problem?  Why aren’t we having the success that the “gurus” are having?

Ray Higdon is a Top Earner in Network Marketing and a friend of mine.  Recently I attended his Top Earner Academy in Orlando. Ray and his wife Jessica put on a fantastic event!  Although nothing can compare to actually “being there”, over the next few days, I will be covering many of the tips I picked up from Ray and Jessica.  .

In the video below I share a dream that Ray Higdon had many years ago.  It speaks to our subconscious mind and what it could be telling us.  Check it out.  Your going to LOVE it!


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