If you are anything like me you hate hearing excuses.  But also I am sure at times (like me) you’ve still made them.  At the very least, you know people that make excuses all the time.

If you stop and look at the people that continue to make excuses,  you begin to see a pattern.  These excuses hold them back.  They hold all of  us back if we choose to go down that path.  Excuses weigh us down and don’t allow us to put our best foot forward and be as successful as we’re meant to be.  We are ALL meant to be successful.  It’s just that some of us struggle with living up to our full potential.

In today’s program I go over THIRTEEN excuses that I have heard (a couple that I am  personally guilty of)  If you have said any of these out loud or even just internally, then you are holding yourself back from a fuller life and potentially from a very successful network marketing business.

Have you made any of these excuses?  Do you know anyone who has?  If this has helped you at all,  please pass it on and make a comment.  I’d love to hear from you.

Always remember YOU are powerful!

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