We all know those people that we emotionally connect with right away. There is something about them that makes us like them even though we may have only just met. What is it?
I believe it is how comfortable they feel in their own skin. Being comfortable with themselves allows them to connect emotionally in a very open and honest way with people.
As you enter into conversation with people yourself or as you listen to successful leaders in your Network Marketing company speaking on stage, pay attention to how genuinely they reveal their emotions through the stories they tell. Learning how to easily interject emotion can be difficult for some, but if you can overcome this block, people will really connect with you. In Network Marketing your Success depends on that easy connection.
In today’s video I give you examples from my own experience. I hope this helps explain what I am referring to.

2013-11-13 video

Storytelling with Emotion

Think of your life stories and how you connect with them emotionally and how you can convey that emotion to others. This makes you a much better communicator and helps draw people to you.
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