Stick to the Bones of a Story for Network Marketing Success

A good story has to have substance. Storytellers often talk about the “bones” of a story. This is the basic outline or its skeleton. If the skeletal structure is strong and it fits snugly, chances are you have a good story. Sometimes the story has lots of pieces, but no deep truth running through it — no backbone or substance. Even young listeners want to hear a story with direction and purpose. (We, as storytellers, should never talk down to our listeners, no matter how old or young they are.)

A good story has to have substance and a basic outline.  Professional Storytellers refer to this as the “bones of a story.”

What this means is that you want to make sure that whenever you are engaging with people, your story has a direction and a purpose.  In other words, don’t keep breaking the “long story short” promise!

In today’s video I share a few thoughts on this and give an example. 


2013-11-29 video

Stick to the Bones of a Story for Network Marketing Success

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