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Wisdom is delivered to us in many ways.  It can be a fleeting moment where it just hits you and you   suddenly realize something that had been staring you in the face all along.  Or it can come in the form of something you have learned from book or a class or from an elderly family member.  It isn’t necessarily the “words of the wise” that are so profound, but rather how those words fall on the ear of the student.  You have heard the saying…”when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

My point is that as you grow in your network marketing business you learn things.  You learn patience; you learn how to connect with people.  You learn the importance of change in day to day life.  There are many things that you learn.  Don’t take for granted that which you learn.  Pass your wisdom on to others.  Maybe there is a time you can share when you realized that you were on a path that was the exact opposite of the path you had intended for yourself.

By sharing your situation (wisdom) you may help steer someone back on track.  Never underestimate the power of what you have learned and the benefit you can have for someone else.

In this video I share a story from a long time ago when I caught myself veering on a path that I had vowed to never tread.  A fleeting moment of wisdom got me back on track.

2013-11-22 video

Sharing Your Wisdom

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