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Have you ever felt humiliated?  I mean totally embarrassed?  I sure have.  I could tell you story after story of my humiliations.  A lot of times these are from childhood, but some of us never grow out of them! Ha!  Since everyone has them.  Don’t be afraid to share them.  People love it when you can let down your guard and share.  It helps them remove you from the perceived pedestal they may have you on.  A lot of times these stories can be from childhood.  I know a lot of mine are.  But if you share your humiliations, one thing is for sure… you will be remembered for it!

And always look for ways to insert this story.  Remember you are getting people to know you and care for you.  And when they can laugh with you…then that starts a whole new kind of friendship.

You are going to get a big laugh out of my story. Check out the video!

2013-11-20 video

Share Your Humiliation  

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