Your Prospect Will Make the Sale for You as they Listen to Your Story!

I focus my teachings and trainings on learning how to be “YOURSELF” in business by effectively telling your story.


Because it’s the EFFECT of that the story has on the mind!  If you don’t learn this you will not be successful – no matter what business you are in.

“Well now that’s a pretty bold statement Jan!”  I am being bold because I feel so strongly about this!

First let’s talk about what is really important to you in your business.  Sales, right?  Without sales you have no business.

In today’s video I share with you how the mind works and in what part of the mind that sales take place.

Hint hint, it’s the same place where stories take place.

It’s fascinating, it’s simple and this will really “open your mind” and help you understand WHY I am so darned convinced that storytelling works.

There is PHENOMENAL POWER in telling the right stories at the right time.

With a story you don’t just shove a conclusion down the throats of your prospects, you naturally lead your prospect to make the conclusion that supports YOUR proposition.

As I said, you are in your business to make money.  Understanding this underlying detail will help you get to that place where money is made.

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Always remember you ARE your stories!


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