Why did you decide to join your Network Marketing Company?  What were you thinking?  Seriously!  There is a reason that you decided to do what you are doing.  Have you really thought about this?

It is very important that you understand WHY you are in this industry.   When you talk to people about your business you want to very readily be able to tell them the story of why you became interested in your company and the Network Marketing IndustryIn today’s video I give you some examples to help you develop your story.  The more in touch you are with your “why” the more you will have success in Network Marketing.

2013-11-14 video

Building Your Network Marketing Story

Notice this story is not about the compensation plan of the company, or even the products…It’s about me! And it is also, believe it or not about THEM!

Start working on YOUR story and tomorrow we will work on interjecting it into your conversations.

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Always Remember YOU are Powerful!


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