We all have many stories that make up who we are!

We have stories from our childhood, our school years, our business life, our adult family, our extended family and just general life situations. All of these stories accumulate and these stories tell everyone who YOU are.

Learning how to tell your many stories will attract people to you. And, let’s face it, attracting people to you is a very important aspect of your network marketing business. People want to work with people that they can relate to. Remember, you will NOT relate with everyone. That’s okay. Just be yourself. One of the things I like best about network marketing is that you CAN just be yourself.

Some people are natural storytellers. But anyone can become a great storyteller.

So how do you go about formulating your story? In today’s video I focus on the first step of becoming a great story teller. Check it out!

2013-11-09 video

The Art of Telling Your Story Doing the Research 


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Always Remember YOU are Powerful!

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