Make Money with the Perfect Network Marketing Story

Create YOURS in SIX Easy Steps 

Step ONE:  Brainstorm

Throughout human history the greatest leaders, teachers, and entertainers have used stories to communicate whatever their message was. This is why I dedicate my blog to teaching you how to tell your stories. 

But have you also noticed that any Blog or business website has an “About Me” or “About Us” page?

This is where the company or the Blogger tells “their” story.  Public speakers have a “story” to tell about themselves.  And any successful Network Marketing Professional has his or her own story.

Crafting and telling your personal story is one of the most important things you can do to increase your success in the Network Marketing Profession.

Yet so many people have no idea where to start this process.

This is why I developed a Six Step process that anyone can follow to put together their personal story.  Over the next six days my blog videos will cover each of these steps.

Anyone can do this and I encourage you to follow my Blog for the next six days and go through this process.  It is my gift to you.

Also, be sure to share it with your team.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I loved putting it together for you!

Today we will start with a brief brainstorming session that you can have with YOURSELF!

Grab a pen and paper and click on the video.

Enjoy because this is the START of putting together what you are all about. This will help you get to know YOU!.

It’s the beginning of your story.

Categories and Questions in today’s Brainstorming Session:

Categories:  Who, What, When, Where and Why.


  1. If I could do anything right this very moment, I would…
  2. If I could travel anywhere tomorrow, I would go to…
  3. The thing that made me laugh most is…
  4. To me, TV is…
  5. When I was X age I thought a lot about… (Pick any number the first one that comes to your head)
  6. Today I learned…

As always I hope you find value in what I am sharing and that it helps you in your Network Marketing business.  If this video did help you, please comment and share.  I would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much for spending your time here with me today!

Always remember you ARE your stories!

jan johnson

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