We All  Just Want to be Valued – Especially in MLM

A good story is one that touches people in some way. As Network Marketing storytellers, our goal should be to always involve the person that you are speaking with and get them interacting with us in any story that we tell.

Also a really good story has a sense of truth and resonates at some basic universal aspect of being human. It doesn’t have to be profound, but a good story should move the listener, make him/her laugh, think, and ponder it afterward.

A good example of a basic universal truth is that “We ALL just want to be valued.”  Often times in network Marketing people join for the sense of “belonging” more than anything else.  Let’s face it they don’t get recognition from their boss or their spouse or children.  Keep this in mind.  If you make a person feel “valuable” they will be loyal to you and your company.

In this video I share a really great story about the effect a simple compliment had on a “valued” team member.  Check it out.  I really think you will learn a very valuable lesson from this story.



2013-11-28 video

We All Just Want to be Valued – Especially in MLM


Remember everyone wants to feel valued.  That’s the purpose of this story.  And it is a universal truth.

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