Just get together and Tell Stories for Your Network Marketing Success

I remember talking to group of  network marketers who were having a problem with their growth – it was very slow.  They were in a stable company with great products, but this particular group was not growing.  SO I asked them how they were presenting the business.  The leader of the group had taught them all the same presentation with slides and lots of detail, but no one told any stories. They were also stagnant because the group was an older crown and were having a problem bringing in “young” blood…so to speak.  When I watched the presentation they were showing it was all about the detail of how much earlier you could retire from your job.  First of all a young person is not in the mode of thinking about retirement and secondly the presentation was BORING! 

People (especially young people) were not going to be drawn to this.  They needed to start telling stories.  When we got together the next time I had them to leave the presentation out altogether and instead have everyone in the room stand up individually and tell the group one of three things, either what the product had done for them, what the extra money had done for them or what the extra time had done for them.  

At the end of the meeting everyone was really upbeat and excited.  They learned new things about the old members that they hadn’t known before.  So now THEY had new stories to tell. But more importantly, they wanted others to hear the stories.  So I told them to each go out and find just one person and bring that person the next evening and all we were going to do is the same thing.  They were excited to bring someone because they knew it wasn’t going to be boring.  They had actually hesitated bringing guests themselves because they didn’t want anyone they knew to be in the boring meeting. HA! 

The next night the room was packed, a couple of people brought more than one person but everyone had at least one.  The leader of the group introduced himself and said that everyone in the group each had a little story to tell.  He said they all knew each other because they were affiliated with the same company and they came together to share their stories on Monday nights and he thanks all the guests for coming to listen.

Then one by one the stories were told again.  Some of them the same and some were even new stories.  But the exciting thing was that no one felt “pitched”  They all just enjoyed themselves. 

At the end of the meeting the leader got up again and thank everyone for coming and said if you would like to be a part of our group you can join and start taking some of our products and I guarantee you will start having some stories yourself.  Feel free then to come next week and bring a couple of friends that might like to get out and be with a fun supportive group who gets healthy and makes money by telling stories.  There was a huge applause and all but one of the guests signed up that night.  It was the coolest!    

As always I hope you find value in what I am sharing and that it helps you in your Network Marketing business.

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