Are you Struggling with Recruiting?

Based on my experience it’s probably because you are either:

a. Not talking to ANYONE!…Or,

b. You do not stop talking to EVERYONE!

As my friend Ray Higdon says, “People don’t have a problem with
Network Market-ING…They have a problem with Network Market-ERS!”

I have a very simple tip for you today.  It has to do with taking your recruiting hat off….and just being with people who are open.

Let’s face it, PEOPLE ARE SKEPTICAL…most of them went through public schools and were taught to be good employees, not entrepreneurs.  Therefore, when people first hear of Network Marketing they can be skeptical, one thing you HAVE to grasp is it’s rarely to do with you.

Because you are so anxious to get people to understand your excitement and enthusiasm, you start telling everyone and you come across as chasing them.  Please stop this.  It is unbecoming of you.  There are plenty of people that are interested in making money in our industry.  My advice is to slow down and be your real self.

Check out my video below…This may help you:

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Always Remember YOU are Powerful!



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