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When in engaging in conversation, one of the things I first suggest to people is to find that common ground with the person they are speaking.  What do you have in common?  For instance, we all have parents and grandparents. A little interaction will get you to understand if you also come from similar backgrounds, lots of siblings, only child, wanted for nothing, were really poor.  Asking questions and being interested in the responses you get back from people is really very helpful as you enter in conversation.

Once you determine where you have similarities, you may also find you have differences.  An important thing to note is:  Don’t back down from your story if it is different than theirs.   For instance if they have a great relationship with their father and you never had that, you can simply say, “I envy the relationship you obviously had with your dad. I never had that.  This gives you the opportunity to compliment them which will in turn may cause them to have empathy for you.  Feelings are what create relationships.

In today’s video I share an interesting story about my dad that I didn’t even know until after he passed away.

2013-11-21 video

Finding Common Ground 

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