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One of the fundamental characteristics of a successful network marketer is that they have a positive attitude and they thrive on the “possibilities.”  I know that when I first started out in Network Marketing I felt the possibilities were endless.  No, I take that back, I “KNEW” they were endless.  I was so sure of it.  I could feel it in my bones. So I allowed myself to think of all the things I was going  to do with all the money I made; like travel, retire, influence people, be home with my kids, take exotic vacations…all of these have come true, but I honestly believe they would not have been presented as options if I didn’t believe they could happen.  But to me anything was possible.

Your new reps need to have this feeling as well.  Make sure they understand right away all of the possibilities that go along with owning their own business with your company.  Help them see the beauty in doing little mini vacations at local bed and breakfasts now so they can get the feeling of what it will be like when they can travel with no worry of money, for example.

Remember in our industry anything is possible.

2013-11-27 video

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