It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to Network Marketing  or a seasoned veteran of the industry.  I
have seen it happen over and over again…people stop right at the base of the  mountain!

Has it happened to you?
Here’s what I mean…

You are excited and, for whatever reason, you’ve started  your business.   Either you were looking  for a “Plan B” or you have fallen in love with your product, or maybe you have  visions of making millions by staying at home.

It really doesn’t matter what your “why” is.  It just matters that you HAVE a “why.”

So now, as you start out you can see your dreams in front of  you.  Like the peak of the mountain in  the distance.  You visualize it even  though you know it’s a long and even rough road.  You’ve been told this by your sponsor or the  industry leaders that you follow.

You say to yourself.  “That’s okay!  I can handle it.”  You are ready for it.  You know what you want and you KNOW you can  do it.  You believe!

So you start on your trek.
Maybe you start out by calling all of your friends.  Maybe you embark on an internet campaign with  new information that you just learned from a class you took online.  You do exactly what your sponsor and your company tells you to do.  You are  unstoppable!  It feels great!

And just like looking at the mountains from 200 miles away,
you can see your goals in the distance.  The  closer you get, the more excited you become.
You are planting seeds along the way, you are getting hits on your ads  and you are even signing some people up.  Your early enthusiasm is carrying you like the wind.

What happens then?
You get to the base of the mountain.
You are almost there…and you stop.
WHY?  It’s because from the base of the mountain you can no longer see the top of the mountain.  You are out of wind.  It’s become almost tedious.  It’s taking more time than you thought it  would.  You knew it would be hard; but  THIS hard?

As you lean back and look straight up with your necked  crooked as far as you can stretch it, now at the base of the mountain,  you can no longer see the top of the mountain.  All of a sudden that mountain top is out of  site.  So close and yet you can’t see  your goal.  It now seems a lot easier to  turn around and go back than it does to take that steep climb to the very  top!

This last portion of the journey requires learning new  skills, getting new equipment and stepping out of your comfort zone.  You begin thinking that maybe your friends
and family were right when they said “this new business of yours is a pipe  dream.”

I BEG OF YOU…turn off that voice.  Stick with it.  You have come this far.  You deserve the rewards that are so  rightfully yours.

STAY TUNED.  I am here  to help you.  I will bring you daily tips  on how to survive the steep climb to the top.  Hang on for your life.  You CAN do  this.

Always remember YOU are powerful!


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