Success Hint #4 Stir Up Emotion in Your Network Marketing Stories Stories stir up emotions.  Human beings are not inclined to think about things they don’t care about.  Stories stir emotions not to be manipulative, not simply for melodramatic effect, but to break through the white noise of information that…

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Success Hint #3  Network Marketing Audiences Bore Easily -A Storytelling Lesson I’m Learning Let’s face it: these days, our attention spans are strained and unless you’re keeping people interested, you are wasting your breath. So when telling a story, get your audience engaged:  make them wonder “what happens next?” or…

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Success Hint #2 Give Your Characters a Voice in Your Network Marketing Stories My blog topic for yesterday and the next several days is “Storytelling Success Hints”.  I am covering some great pointers to help you learn how to become an awesome storyteller.  This is important for you if you…

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Success Hint #1 – Name Specific People in Your Network Marketing Stories        My Blog is about learning how to tell Stories for Network Marketing Success.  Every MLM leader that I know has stated over and over that Network Marketing is all about the “stories.”  Why is that?  It’s because…

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Using “By the Way” as a Bridge in Network Marketing


Using “By the Way” as a Bridge in Network Marketing So many times I talk to people in my network marketing coaching sessions and they reveal to me how terrified they are to bring up the topic of their business to people.  I find that when people are feeling this…

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Your Holiday Story is Unique to YOU – And So Is Your Network Marketing Story Today thousands of people are running around and returning things and/or getting great deals on sales.  NOT ME, I avoid the stores like the plague.  I don’t like crowds and I don’t like shopping.  That’s…

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Twas the Eve of that Big Day – My Gift to You


Twas the Eve of that Big Day – My Gift to You How does a beatnik see Christmas? More than that, WHAT the HECK is a beatnik? In today’s video I give you a little gift.  I wrote you a Christmas story.  It’s silly but it was fun.  I had…

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The Christmas Lights Story – Know Your Audience in Network Marketing I absolutely LOVE the story that I am sharing in today’s video.  This just happened and it’s about seeing the world from a 5 year old’s perspective and what I learned about myself when I looked at, and shared,…

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Using your “Gut” for Network Marketing Success


Using your “Gut” for Network Marketing Success In today’s video I share a story about me.  I talk about the successes I had but more importantly the failures I had because I didn’t listen to my “Gut.” This is SUCH an important lesson.  I hope you will learn through my…

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It Takes Perception to be a Top Earner

network marketing

It Takes Perception to be a Top Earner In working with your potential reps or customers or even the current members of your team, always try to imagine it this way “you are me. And I am you.”  In other words put yourself in your listener’s position and ask yourself…

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